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With formal support contracts available from as little £0 pcm (that's right £0 per month), through to our full support package, Access Area Limited have the support package to suit your business needs and as importantly, your business budget.

With over 12 years experience providing on-site and remote support to a multitude of clients, we have the in-house expertise to provide the level of confidence and support you need to enable you to deliver the required level of service to your own customers.

Whether you are a new start business looking for guidance and support or a multi-national business whose infrastructure uptime and system integrity are critical, we have a package to suit.

Use the following information to determine the level of cover you need and give us a call for a formal quotation.

Support Levels

Level 1 - Critical

The issue is business critical and has a level of financial exposure;The user is unable to work or perform some significant job function;The issue affects a large number of users; Reasonable response time 2 hours for Complete, 4 Hours for Standard.

Level 2 – High

The issue has low business and financial exposure;The user can perform some portion of their job but they are still able to complete most tasks; The issue affects a small number of users; Reasonable response time 24 Hours. 

Level 3 – Low 

The issue has minimal business and financial exposure; The user can complete most tasks but is unable to complete a minor portion of their job; The issue affects one or two users; Reasonable response time 48-72 hours.

Support Tiers

Ad Hoc

For clients wishing no ongoing commitment. Support tickets shall be responded to within 72 hours with no guaranteed response or resolution time. All problems will be attended to within a time frame to suit Access Area Ltd consultant schedule. Should an Ad-Hoc client require escalated response time, this can be accommodated, however, the client either needs to purchase a desired cover for at least 6 Months, or agree to pay 50% surcharge on all service fees for that associated ticket. No maintenance days are included.


For clients requiring ongoing support with quicker turnaround time and eligible for Level 2 & Level 3 support.  All  critical  issues  are  treated  as  Level  2 problems. Should a client require Level 1 response, either a 50% surcharge will apply to all service fees associated with that ticket, or a higher level of cover needs to be purchased for at least 6 months. No maintenance days are included.



For clients requiring priority support and immediate response  time  for important issues, eligible for support Levels 3 through to 1. This means that the Standard clients can have issues responded to within 4 hours at the most. Half Day (3 Hours) Maintenance time is included in this package per month. 24/7 Monitoring package will be installed on the server.



The same metrics as Standard tier but required for clients running dedicated servers particularly with mail servers requiring an increased  levels of effort for maintenance/problem resolution.  Clients  that  run  servers  and  require  Level  1 response times (2 hours) must be on this level of cover. Full Day (6 Hours) maintenance time is included in this package per month.  24/7 Monitoring package will be installed on the server.

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