iSchoolAudit - School Asset Manager

iSchoolAudit - School Asset Manager

We can help implement a Simple, Smart and Effective Asset Management System and reduce the time taken to manage and audit your assets by up to 75%

We use iSchoolAudit which has been specifically design for the education sector. It will help with the following objectives:-

  • Reduce time taken to carry out annual audit

  • Improve accuracy of the asset register

  • Combine asset and Appliance testing (PAT) register in single database.

  • Improve accessibility of Asset information.

  • Immediate access to warranty information and supplier contact details.

  • Manage equipment disposal and provide audit trail.

  • Increase accountability for plant and assets.

  • Generate and circulate concise and accurate reports.

  • Implement simple fault reporting system.

  • Fully editable and user friendly software application.

We understand the asset tracking problems faced by schools

An asset register is usually maintained and updated on a manual basis by means of a spreadsheet and this is controlled by a single member of staff;

  • The system is inaccurate and is out of date almost as soon as the annual audit is completed (if not before).

  • Printed sheets are passed or emailed to staff in order for them to undertake an annual audit - these sheets are manually completed and returned to the issuer for manual update onto the master record.

  • No means of formal identification is applied to each asset, making identification / confirmation of the asset against the register difficult.

  • Warranty details are not commonly know and costly repairs of equipment under warranty could be carried out unwittingly.

  • Faults and damage to assets are recorded in an ad-hoc manner with no historical fault register in place.

  • Purchase and Supplier details for specific assets is not easy to access and would be a time consuming administrative task if required.  

  • Annual appliance testing is undertaken on an ad-hoc basis with no reference to asset register - the number of appliances tested may exceed the number of assets registered.

  • Asset ownership is not set and accountability/ownership of assets is not devolved to staff.

  • Asset reports are not easily provider to the Leadership team, Governors or Insurers

  • In the event of a total loss, asset register data is not secure.

How we can help...

  • Install iSchoolAudit across your sites - Secure data storage.

  • Provide unlimited user numbers and user access.

  • Provide labelling for all existing assets and for all future purchases (maximum 5000 assets).

  • Provide initial training to all users.

  • Provide technical support.

  • Provide a Simple. Smart and Effective way to manage and monitor assets on a day to day basis.

  • Provide an effective way for all faults and defects to be reported and recorded..

  • Provide a simple and effective way for all staff to locate resources, quickly and efficiently.

  • Improve accountability and ownership of assets and equipment.

  • Significantly improve the accuracy of the asset register.

  • Provide a central, combined resource for asset, supplier and appliance testing data, accessible at the touch of a button.

  • Allow anyone to undertake audits, regardless of technical knowledge.

  • Provide a suite of reports - all downloadable as pdf’s

  • Ensure compliance with Local Authority and Statutory Audit Requirements and promote best practice.

  • Provide life-cycle management details and allow for budget forecasts.

For a free trial or to arrange a demonstration please call 01772 257980 or email

You can audit 10 items for FREE with no restriction to the features of the software.

iSchoolAudit has been design and developed by Smart Audit Ltd. You can download the app for the iPhone from or the Android version can be downloaded from The software is cloud based and will run in any modern web browser.

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